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Vibration underpins all matter in the Universe. The CymaScope is the first scientific instrument that can provide an analog image of sound and vibration. The once invisible world of sound is revealed in a myriad of geometric patterns.

When the microscope and telescope were invented, they opened vistas into realms that were not even suspected to exist. Sound has been invisible throughout history, except in graphic depictions of conventional acoustics instrumentation. Now, with the development of the CymaScope instrument, the omnipresent, unexplored realms of sound and vibration are made visible for scientific study and artistic appreciation.

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Cymascopic applications include:

Asteroseismology, Biology, Botany, Cardiography, Electromyography, Hematology, 
Musicology, Neurophysiology, Oceanography, Ornithology, Phonology, Physics, Quantum Physics, Sonocytology, Sound Therapy, Zoology.

Our ongoing mission is to support and advance the science of Faraday Wave phenomena, also popularly known as cymatics.

Nothing tends so much to the advancement of knowledge as the application of a new instrument

— Sir Humphry Davy