About us

We are four dedicated individuals with a passion for cymatics, the emergent science that's poised to blossom into every field of human endeavor.

Within this decade we predict that cymatics will positively affect the lives of millions of people via medical science; cymatic discoveries will be made in many other fields from astrophysics to zoology.

Sonic Age America is a division of UK-based Sonic Age Ltd. Both companies were founded by John Stuart Reid, acoustic pioneer and inventor of the CymaScope Pro, the world’s first commercial instrument that renders sound visible in water. Our mission is to advance and support cymatics, including development of therapeutic modalities and exploring applications in all the sciences.

Who's who in Sonic Age America:

Vera Gadman is an acclaimed and sought-after graphic designer who specialized in logo design and brand identity programs. Born in England, she began her career in London as an Ecclesiatical Embroideress, and after emigrating to the U.S. discovered the joy of visual communication, working as a freelance designer with leading brand-design companies in New York City. In the mid 1990’s Vera was awakened to a new perspective that completely changed her life, causing her to relocate from New York City to a small community in Hope, Idaho, where she began working with personal growth groups. Vera now manages Sonic Age America and is dedicated to making available the many new discoveries emerging from the wonderful world of cymatics.

James Stuart Reid has a Bachelor of Science degree and is gifted with a natural flair for design. He is director of the CymaScope Lab2 facility and responsible for all DNA Voice Signature imaging, including colorization processes, and for all CymaScope video formatting and editing in Final Cut Pro. James also builds and fulfils orders for CymaPlate model E kits and for CymaPlate model M kits. He is a fine guitarist and his musical talents are an important asset in transcribing MusicMadeVisible projects, such as the company’s tribute for Beethoven’s 250th anniversary. James also created the world’s first full length MusicMadeVisible video of Debussy’s Clair de Lune, and he made major contributions to development of the CymaScope app for iPad and iPhone. James’ editing work on the Times Square tribute videos has set new standards in making speech visible, cymascopically, in multiple languages.

Annaliese Reid has studied and taught personal growth, energetic healing, and sound healing techniques for over 20 years. She has presented at seminars and conferences in the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe and is committed to supporting personal well-being on all levels, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. She is passionate about supporting others in their personal growth and is particularly interested in the effects of consciousness and sound on cellular matter. Annaliese healed herself of a life-threatening, “incurable” illness, using the DNA reprogramming techniques pioneered by Dr. Glen Rein and she will appear in a major documentary series in 2021 in which she describes her experiences. Annaliese is currently writing a memoire in which the healing methods she applied to herself will be covered in detail to help others heal, particularly from chronic conditions.

John Stuart Reid is an acoustic-physics scientist with a mission to educate, inspire, and excite the world in the field of visible sound—known to science as “Faraday Waves” and to an ever growing number of researchers and explorers as “cymatics”. Reid points out that since sound underpins almost all matter in the universe and was a potent force in the creation of life in the primordial oceans, it also carries the power to heal life. In his frequent lectures, he reveals ground-breaking information on the mechanisms that underpin sound therapy, and how it can be applied to improve health naturally. Reid’s career in acoustics has spanned five decades and he is widely acknowledged as an authority in cymatic science and speaks on this subject at conferences in Europe and America. His CymaScope invention has changed our perception of sound forever: seeing sound allows us to understand this omnipresent aspect of our world and universe fuller and deeper.

Cymatics App for Mobile

See the actual geometry of music for the first time on iPad iPhone, Android smartphone or tablet! The CymaScope app is the world’s first app to make the geometry of piano sounds and music visible. The imagery you will see is not a computer simulation; all the beautiful imagery in the app was created on a physical CymaScope then stored in digital memory for you to enjoy.
Keep the CymaScope app in your pocket at all times on iPhone or Android smartphone or if you prefer a larger screen size use iPad or an Android-powered tablet.