CymaScope instruments under test by Bruel & Kjaer

The CymaScope MF+ and ELF instruments are in a process of continual development and recent improvements to the Voice Coil Motors of both models were recently tested by Bruel & Kjaer, the world’s largest manufacturer of sound and vibration measurement systems.

The CymaScope MF+ model now features an extended frequency response to 1500 Hz, while the ELF model was tested for G-forces within its published bandwidth of 3Hz to 50Hz, enabling it to be used for gravity wave studies. John Stuart Reid, director of research for Sonic Age Ltd and Sonic Age America LLC, said, “It is essential that scientific users of CymaScope instruments have access to robust data when studying CymaGlyphs, also known as Faraday Wave patterns. We chose Bruel & Kjaer to conduct the tests because they are leaders in their field of acoustic measurement. The tests were conducted by their UK Application Support Specialist, Guy Rickard, using a type 4516 accelerometer, one of the world’s smallest and lightest, weighing a mere 1.5grams. It was important to use a small and light accelerometer so that its mass did not significantly influence the frequency characteristic of these two CymaScope models.”

The MF+ CymaScope instrument finds applications in a wide range of scientific and artistic disciplines, including Asteroseismology, Biology, Cardiography, Electromyography, Hematology, Musicology, Neurophysiology, Oceanography, Ornithology, Phonology, Physics, Sonocytology and Sound Art, although it is possible to study many other fields with the MF+ CymaScope.

The ELF CymaScope instrument finds applications in Asteroseismology, Elephant sounds, ECG, EEG, EMG (Human bio signals), Gravity Waves, Hydrodynamics, Physics, Schumann Cavity Resonance, Water science, Whale sounds, Seismology.

John Stuart Reid, director of research for Sonic Age Ltd and Sonic Age America LLC with the CymaScope Pro ELF instrument

CymaScope Pro ELF instrument under test at Bruel & Kjaer