CymaScope Lab2 launches in the UK

The CymaScope Lab2 is now fully operational, a state-of-the-art facility, managed and operated by James Stuart Reid, son of John Stuart Reid. Lab2 is already handling all Voice Mandala imaging, including the voices of women, men, children, babies and pets. One of James’ first projects involved imaging a baby’s first cry and a person’s last breath, a commission for German artist, Björn Drenkwitz. The results of that powerful and poignant project were extraordinary and we will post more details soon.

The Voice Mandala of James Stuart Reid, imaged by himself

Voice Mandalas are popular all year round but particularly in the weeks before Christmas. recently partnered with Yoga Gives Back (YGB), based in Los Angeles, to offer Voice Mandalas to yoga devotees in the USA and other countries, which will help support their work in India with women and under-privileged families. James said, ”Cymatics is such an exciting medium, for both science and art and I am thrilled that our work will begin to help women and children in India, the original home of the mandala.”

Other types of sound imaging, both still and video capture, will be phased into the Lab2’s work program during 2019, enabling Lab1, operated by John Stuart Reid, to focus on primary research. John said, “James has built a superb CymaScope laboratory, of which he can be justifiably proud. As a musician, talented mixed media artist and video artist he is ideally placed to create MusicMadeVisibleand other artistic materials that will help showcase the CymaScope Pro instrument in all parts of the world.”

James added, “Working with the CymaScope instrument is a great privilege and I sometimes feel like a child walking on virgin snow, exploring a world never before seen. In my creative process I am particularly interested in creating imagery that facilitates a connection between the viewer and the Cosmos, which the CymaScope achieves so beautifully.”

Lab2 will also fulfil all orders for some of our new CymaPlate kits, details of which can be found at this link: