CymaScope wins the Corporate Live Wire and Excellence Awards (UK), 2021

The CymaScope team and their parent company, Sonic Age Ltd, has won the prestigious Corporate Live Wire and Excellence Awards, which celebrates the success and achievements of leading professionals and companies who have stood out for being results-driven, and have taken an innovative approach to demonstrate exceptional business performance. 

The judges were impressed by the completely unique nature of the CymaScope, with no other scientific instrument making sound visible as Faraday wave patterns; revealing the geometric beauty that lies at the heart of all sounds. The judges noted that all major components used in the CymaScope are sourced from ethical suppliers. The brain behind the instrument is John Stuart Reid, an acoustic pioneer and inventor who believes that cymatic discoveries have the capacity to positively change the lives of millions. The judges also commend the teams commitment to offering free-of-charge imaging to clients whose projects contribute to a vital initiative or have an ethos of helping humanity. For example, in 2021 they worked with an artists collective in the U.S. who are partnered with the Times Square Alliance, in which CymaScope imagery was used to convey a message to essential health care workers in New York City. The sounds of poetry made visible appeared on the giant billboard screens in Times Square: I live because you give, all your heart, for my life. Essential for us all, is you.  
The CymaScope team is working on an impressive children’s CymaScope; a cost-effective science toy to help inspire scientists of the future. They are also writing a series of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) lessons for children, to introduce the concept of visible sound into education. Ultimately, the judges praised Sonic Age Ltd for its focus on securing access to the CymaScope for both the scientific community and an upcoming generation of scientists. Judge Andrew Walsh said: “The CymaScope team knows that sound underpins almost every element of our world, and is eager to positively reinvent how we experience it.” 
John Stuart Reid said, “Our team are delighted to receive this award and to see the CymaScope instrument gaining recognition both in the UK and worldwide for its ability to make visible the sounds and vibrations of Nature. CymaScope instruments are now in use by many Universities and private research institutions, worldwide, where they help to shed new light on many natural phenomena, across a wide range of scientific disciplines”.