Cymatics App for Mobile

The world’s first app to make the geometry of piano sounds and music visible

Cymatics App for Mobile

Music Made Visible App

See the actual geometry of music for the first time on iPad iPhone, Android smartphone or tablet! The CymaScope app is the world’s first app to make the geometry of piano sounds and music visible. The imagery you will see is not a computer simulation; all the beautiful imagery in the app was created on a physical CymaScope then stored in digital memory for you to enjoy.

Keep the CymaScope app in your pocket at all times on iPhone or Android smartphone or if you prefer a larger screen size use iPad or an Android-powered tablet.

For those interested in the subject of concert pitch, an article on this subject is included in English, Spanish French and German.

Important note: The Android version of the CymaScope App is suitable for all major brands, e.g: Google, HTC, LG, Motorola, Samsung, Sony, etc., but it may not work properly on generic devices.

Some of the CymaScope app’s many great features:

• Play the visible piano notes by the touch-sensitive circular keyboard.

• Use your voice to trigger the visible piano notes—great fun and can be used for voice coaching too.

• Play a live musical instrument or any recorded music to the app and watch the CymaScope imagery unfold in real time.

• Select your favorite concert pitch: 432 Hertz, 440 Hertz or 444 Hertz, and see unique, dynamic imagery from each.

• Have fun with the record feature with which you can record and replay an audio and visual melody of up to 144 notes.

• Experiment with visual projection of the piano notes by connecting a video projector to the iPhone or iPad.

• Choose the 440 Hertz visible piano notes for colorized performance, or the 432 Hertz and 444 Hertz visible piano notes for monochrome study.

• Capture moments of the imagery and share on Facebook or by email, all within the app.

• Save any moment of the imagery to the iPad’s Photo Library—then print a hard copy—great for colorization by children using paints or crayons.

• A MusicMadeVisible video of Debussy’s Clair de Lune in 440 Hertz tuning, played by concert pianist, Daniel Levy, is included.

Who should consider purchasing the CymaScope app?

• Everyone who enjoys seeing and learning about the relationship between sound and form.

• Every musician who would like to experiment with live cymatics (by connecting a video projector to the app).

• Everyone who has been curious to learn about the differences between 432 Hertz and 440 Hertz and 444 Hertz tuning.

• Every parent and every teacher of children: the app can help children learn about sound and cymatics in a fun way.

• The app’s imagery of music or the child’s voice can be screen-grabbed and printed for the child to colorize in paints, pastels or crayons

• Everyone who finds pleasure in seeing the beautiful geometry of sound.