Cymatics for Children

How to make an acoustic CymaScope
- a magical way to explore cymatics

How to make an acoustic CymaScope

In this 10-minute tutorial, acoustic-physics scientist, John Stuart Reid, demonstrates how to make a simple Acoustic CymaScope, with components that cost under $20.

Within the heart of all matter on earth, complex webs of energy are woven, layer upon layer, frequency upon frequency. These delicate traceries form all solid matter: people, flora and fauna and even rocks and pebbles. No matter can exist without vibration and almost all matter creates sound as a natural function of the inelastic collisions that constantly occur between atoms or molecules. Your Acoustic CymaScope will allow you to see matter move from formlessness-to-form on the sensitive latex membrane, making sound and vibration visible, a magical and inexpensive way to explore cymatics, the wonderful world of visible sound. This project will create cymatic imagery that will fascinate adults and children alike.

This tutorial was shown for the first time on The Shift Network, during a course titled: Explore the Secrets of Sonic Science & Cymatics. This wonderful evergreen course provides a great introduction into sonic science, healing with sound and cymatics, and is available at the following link:

Tutorial video:
Here is a "shopping list” that shows all the simple items needed to make your Acoustic CymaScope. You will also need a few simple tools, mentioned in the tutorial video.