Caduceus Magazine chooses a CymaGlyph for cover feature

Caduceus Magazine chose to illustrate their issue 95 cover with a beautiful CymaGlyph of a therapeutic sound code emitted by the Cyma Technologies Inc AMI 750 sound therapy device. The cover features an erudite article by Dr Robert Gilbert, titled Cymatics and Cymatherapy. Dr Gilbert is director of the Vesica Institute in the USA and his article provides a comprehensive overview of sound therapy, which is based on cymatic principles developed by the late Dr Peter Guy Manners.

John Stuart Reid met Dr Manners at his UK clinic in 1999, ten years before his death in 2009. During the interview Dr Manners mentioned his plans to pass his sound therapy work on to a USA-based company, so that it would not be lost. The company who gained the benefit of Dr Manner’s work is Cyma Technologies Inc, headed by Mandara Cromwell. Their AMI 750 sound therapy device stimulates the body’s systems via the feet accessing the same meridians used by Reflexology adepts for thousands of years.

John Stuart Reid said, “Dr Gilbert’s article will help disseminate important knowledge regarding sound therapy to many people. Mandara Cromwell’s company aim to bring sound therapy into the mainstream and the CymaScope instrument is helping to achieve that goal by allowing us to see and study the sound codes produced by the AMI 750. A new article that provides insights into the mechanisms that underpin sound therapy has recently been completed by us and will be available as a free download in the near future. Anyone wishing to help disseminate the article should contact me.