Sayer Ji of GreenMedInfo visits the CymaScope lab to discuss the new portable CymaScope

The CymaScope lab was recently honored by a visit from Sayer Ji of to discuss the new portable CymaScope that is in development. Designed primarily for field investigations, for example in sacred spaces, the new model will be fully portable and will feature an integrated wifi-fi camera, enabling cymatic imagery to be viewed instantly on an iPhone or iPad or projected onto walls or ceiling via an optional battery-operated video projector.

John Stuart Reid, who is leading the development team said, “We are very excited by the potential for the new CymaScope model, not only for use in sacred spaces but also for applications in science museums and in live music settings. The price point we are aiming for will be a significant reduction on the CymaScope Pro instrument cost, making the new CymaScope portable model accessible to many more people.”

Sayer Ji commented, “The CymaScope is revolutionizing the way humanity understands Life, Nature, the cosmos, consciousness and ultimately our own divine nature. In the same way that the telescope and microscope opened up previously unimaginable depth, dimensionality, and context to our existence, the CymaScope will not only create a supernova of growth and understanding in virtually all domains of science; it will also open avenues for new forms of diagnosis and healing which are non-invasive, inexpensive, and stimulate the body-mind’s own regenerative capabilities.”

To register your interest in the portable CymaScope, please use our contact form and mention your proposed application.

Sayer Ji with John Stuart Reid in the CymaScope lab