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Karmin Seven Word Sequence

Male Vowel Sounds

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The nuances of human speech can be studied with a CymaScope Pro. Words and phrases can be rendered visible and compared in different languages. The CymaScope represents a significant breakthrough in the study of phonology and as a powerful audio-visual aid in speech pathology/ therapy and vocal coaching. The instant production of voice figures or CymaGlyphs as a result of the client's own vocalizations can provide visual feedback that not only allows the client to shape their sounds visually, thus improving articulation and intonation, but also provides an effective method of enhancing pitch recognition. In addition vibrato can be taught or modified. Previously it had been assumed that each of the five vowels would have the same basic form for every person. However, our present cymatic study of vocal sounds has revealed a surprising result. The geometry of vowels actually varies from pitch-to-pitch for each person and from person to person. Nature, it seems, loves variety.





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