Water Science

Life as we know it cannot exist without liquid water; ‘structured water’, or ‘exclusion zone’ (EZ) water, is discussed in depth by Professor Gerald Pollack, in his ground-breaking book, The Fourth Phase of Water. He proposes that EZ water (H3O2), literally generates the electricity that helps power all living creatures.  Here then is a connection waiting to be explored between sound frequencies that organise water molecules, and EZ water that powers life. Dr. Pollack has discovered that EZ water is built by light, particularly infrared light, yielding a potentially fascinating connection between sound and our physiology:

Inelastic sonic collisions create sonically-modulated infrared light that powers the EZ water-building mechanism in cells, which in turn powers our biology.

Put simply: (hypothetically) sound powers life.

The CymaScope Pro instrument can be used to study many aspects of water, since water is the instrument’s primary imaging medium.