What-the-dolphin-saw: Image of a Submerged Man: Cymatic-Holographic Imaging Technique

9th December 2015

CymaScope.com in collaboration with SpeakDolphin.com have made a significant breakthrough in imaging a submerged man from the echolocation beam transmitted by a dolphin. The resulting image is faint but following enhancement techniques key features of the man and background are revealed. The research took place at the Dolphin Discovery Centre in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico. The submerged man was Jim McDonough, and the female research dolphin, Amaya, was tasked to echolocate upon the man, to see Jim with its sound-vision sense.

John Stuart Reid, who captured the image in CymaScope video mode said, what is most exciting about the video is that it contains two consecutive frames in which Jim’s arm is seen in two different positions, inferring that if we had a sound file containing a longer series of dolphin clicks we may be able to capture more frames. In a sense we would be sharing in the real-time movie of what the dolphin saw, an exciting prospect.”

Team leader, Jack Kassewitz of SpeakDolphin.com, is delighted with the result, this is the first time we have captured a what-the-dolphin-saw image of a submerged man. We employed a similar technique in 2012 to capture a dolphin’s echolocation picture of a flowerpot and several other submerged plastic objects but the present research has confirmed that result and so much more.

A video of “what the dolphin saw” can be viewed on the CymaScope YouTube channel: